Friday, January 1, 2010

Love and Relationship

“I Love You”. How strong can this sentence be?
For certain people, this could mean everything to them. Yes! It can be said occasionally. But, there are heavy responsibility buries beneath this word.

Back to the old fashion style of thinking: (Ignoring Interpersonal Love) to love someone is to respect his or her decision and pray for his/her blissful life. One might say “Go and live a happy life and find someone that is better than I am...”
All those words seem to be like an excuse after their failure, am I correct?
“My love for you is eternity”. Love cannot be eternity. Eternity means forever and ever. We cannot guarantee that the feeling of love will last forever. Even if the feeling can last, our love eventually will perish when we die. There is no more love left except for our remaining body.
“Love someone doesn’t need a reason”. Oh my god! I can’t imagine myself to love someone blindly and without even a single reason. I think there should have a thousand or even a million explanations in order to love a particular person. Even for a very simple explanation such as “I like her long hair” is still a reason. “Love someone doesn’t need a reason” is for the people that hardly think of any reason for them to love, therefore it leads to the old fashion style of answering questions.

Speaking about the benefit of loved and being loved, one tends to become more mature when they have encountered with this kind of situation. From there, they learned to please their partner, they learned how to protect and at the same time being protected by their partner, and to care for their partner as well as to be more considerate toward people’s feeling. One might also become gentler similar to the way they treat their partner.

Exactly, how does a person knows that he is actually felt in love with somebody? I believed that most people shared the same experience, which is “your heart beats faster when sees him/her”, “you want to see his/her face very often”, “you cannot live without him/her” and etc.
All these symptoms as above are true. To be more precise, when you see someone that you loved, you can feel that for that instant, the world goes still, so still and silent. You surrendered. The only focus on you is the beautiful lady or the handsome gentleman in front of you.
Sometimes, one’s actions betray them. One might deny the existence of love between them, but their brain kept on thinking of each other.

For certain people, they trusted 100% to the fate for them to meet with their special someone. Personally, I encourage people to always take the first step in whatever they want. If one really falls in love, they must really try their best in order to keep the one they love by their side. In my own word, I pronounced fate as “coincident” and actions as “success”.

However, confession is a different story. Confession is always a “duty” that is given to a man. Although it is not apply to every women, but majority of the women seems to be very fragile towards their failure after they confess.


  1. Definitely far much better than the 'other guy'. Amazing. Interesting blog.

  2. just to post a comment as an encouragement for u to continue ur blogging.... hehe....

  3. quite unbelievable that this is coming from you la siao kia. But i like! :)
    Continue blogging la when u got time, looking forward to read more of your take in life and philosophies!

  4. FAITH & HONESTY must come first, then LOVE will come eventually